Anthony Sebastian Abrahamsen; The Gay Persian.

LGBT / Human / Animal / -Activist, Romantic, Android, Comic-Reader, GAYmer, Wanna-be Shah Of Sunsets, University-Geek, have a serious case of Wanderlust & Creative Nerdboy.

PSN: ActuallyAnthony

Worked for Zero1Gaming.com, did an interview with Ellie Ann Soderstrom and got featured in a MTV Special for the It Gets Better Project, and their main titles. Also did an interview with "Queer World Norway" for the Norwegian Channel "NRK" for a program called "Migrapolis", featured with a two-page spread in BLIKK; Norway's biggest gay magazine, featured in brochures and banners in EuroPride 2014, board-member of "Queer World Norway" and starred in the reality-series "Doxwise North" Season 3.

Also been featured in TV, movies, documentaries, magazines, gay-magazines, done panel and debate work with the Parliament of Norway and also done International work.

Not afraid of new experiences and new things. Life is all about what you want and how to create and achieve it. Never give up.

What do I post? Everything that tickles my fancy. Humor, sarcasm, jokes, movies, gif's, food, gayming and pretty much anything that resembles my personality. Hang on for a crazy ride through my mind.

And yeah, I proved that nice boys DO finish first!

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Full version of my comic Counting Stars, which I drew for a competition.

Man.. That is powerful..

This has made me cry so many times. Get back on my blog. I need you.


"All I ever wished for…was a friend." So powerful.

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    Fun fact, I saw this post a couple years ago back before I had depression and anxiety and I didn’t get what the meaning...
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